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What is the ELD mandate

The Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA) recently announced that, following several postponements due to certification equipment shortages, enforcement of the ELD Mandate will come into force in Canada in January 2023.

In this article, we’ll look at

  • the consequences you can expect if you fail to comply such as HOS violations
  • how to avoid paying penalties by installing one of industry’s leading ELD systems from Isotrak.

What is an ELD?

An Electronic Logging Device (ELD) is a tablet installed on the dashboard of the vehicle cab. The tablet is connected either to the engine or to a telematics device. The ELD automatically records data from the Engine Control Unit (ECU), including driving time, vehicle location, mileage engine data and driver ID. All the data can be accessed and viewed in real-time by both the fleet manager and the driver.

ELDs have taken the place of inefficient paper logs, which were easily subject to abuse and error. They have also replaced Automatic Onboard Recording Devices (AOBRDs), which were similarly vulnerable.

What will the penalties be for non-compliance with the ELD rules?

In the US, where the ELD mandate is now fully enforced, fleet operators who fail com to comply are being hit with severe penalties – ELD violation fines of up to $10,000 are being imposed. Before long, organizations in Canada will find themselves in the same position. There’s no reason to expect that fines will be any less severe than in the US.

It’s possible that, in the early months of enforcement, the Canadian authorities will take a lenient approach, aiming to educate rather than punish. However, there’s no guarantee that, before long, severe penalties won’t ensue. In essence, failure to comply with the ELD mandate will no longer be an option.

How Isotrak ELD will bring benefits to your organization.

By using the Isotrak ELD system, your organization will

  • radically reduce the incidence of driver tiredness, along with possible accidents, injuries and deaths.
  • Cut its insurance premiums and vehicle maintenance expenses.
  • accurately maintain statutory Hours Of Service (HOS) records.
  • manage vehicle inspection reports, fuel usage records and receipts.
  • maintain Driver Verification and Inspection Reporting (DVIR).
  • secure International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) compliance.
  • enjoy reduced HOS paperwork, saving countless hours of admin.

Fit Isotrak – avoid ELD non-compliance penalties

The best way to avoid having to pay penalties for non-compliance is to fit and use an approved ELD system, such as Isotrak, whose features include –

Real-time location tracking
Track dispersed shipments in real-time with GPS or IP-address-based location tracking.

Record comprehensive reports and device diagnostics
Get detailed reports, including:

  • data usage
  • battery statuses
  • device inactivity
  • location reports
  • geofence logs
  • device unlock attempts
  • WiFi connectivity history
  • SIM swaps

Prevent distractions from other apps
To maintain drivers’ focus, Isotrak will lock other apps out of the device. Your drivers won’t be able to access other device utilities such as games apps.

Speed-based locking
Your drivers may find themselves torn between maintaining safe speed limits and achieving on-time deliveries. This dilemma can result in avoidable accidents, deaths and injuries. With Isotrak’s speed-based device locking capabilities, you’ll be able to set ideal driving speed limits.

Compliance monitoring
With the Isotrak system, you can set compliance alerts not only for speed limits but also for elements such as:

  • battery status
  • data usage
  • Geofencing

Over-the-air deployment
Your drivers may be involved in jobs that are remote, on-field and constantly mobile. This is where over-the-air deployments can prove especially useful. With Isotrak, you can push relevant apps and resources, such as business-critical documentation to your drivers’ ELDs. These could include vehicle registration certificates, insurance documents, driving licenses and related permits.

Isotrack – the high-performance ELD solution

Isotrack comes with numerous beneficial features – covering device management, fleet monitoring and data security – all via a single console. Your businesses will be able to easily operate centralized management of their fleets no matter what their device type or which operating system they use – Android, iOS or Windows.

ELDs in Canada – not so much a burden, more of a benefit

It would be a mistake to view the imminent introduction in Canada of the ELD mandate as an unnecessary bureaucratic burden. By embracing and responding positively to the new ELD mandate, your organization will be

  • improving the safety of your drivers and other road users
  • playing your part in reducing accidents and the resulting costs
  • enhancing your operational efficiency

The outcome of rigorous ELD compliance? Your organization will enjoy the benefits of a healthier fleet, an enhanced reputation and a more robust bottom line.


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