Total fleet visibility

Designed with large fleets in mind, Isotrak’s state-of-the-art vehicle tracking interface makes light work of keeping track of your fleet. With live vehicle location and status updates at the click of a button, you can confidently plan, manage and optimise your fleet operations with ease.

Monitor your most valuable assets

Get minute by minute updates of exactly where all your resources are at any time. With detailed real-time GPS and telematics data you can monitor where and what your vehicles are doing and view who is driving them via our driver-identification or tachograph integration solutions.

And with your data securely stored in our cloud-based hosting platform for up to a year, you can replay any historical journeys should the need arise.

Increase Fleet Productivity

With live visibility of your entire fleet, understand which of your assets aren’t being used to their full potential.

Enhance Customer Service

Proactively update with your customers with accurate ETAs and real-time traffic information and boost your customer service levels.

Improve Fleet Safety

Effectively monitor unsafe driving behaviour with real-time contextual speeding alerts and accelerometer events.

Make smart data-based decisions

To get the most out of your fleet you first need to understand where improvements can be made. Take a top-level approach to the KPIs that matter to your business the most, or drill down into the finer detail to unlock further potential.

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Powerful, top-level dashboards

Isotrak’s interactive dashboard style reporting gives you the freedom to prioritise and focus on the issues that impact your business the most. Customise your own set of bespoke widgets specific to your fleet’s KPIs.

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Create a completely customised dashboard and view only the data important to you. With its interactive capabilities you can drill down to the finer details or zoom out to get the complete picture.

Reporting Suite

From business expenses to driver behaviour league tables, our comprehensive suite of reports will ensure you have all the information you need to make intelligent business decisions and maximise your fleet operations.

Drill down to the specifics

Get a comprehensive insight into your fleet with our extensive reporting suite and identify where improvements in fleet utilisation and efficiency can be made. All reports are fully configurable and with our automated report scheduling software, you can receive exactly the information you need, direct to your inbox.

"Since implementing the Isotrak ATMSi solution back in 2011, we have worked closely with the data to empower our drivers to maximise their earnings whilst sustaining Carbon Reductions. The Group’s achievements has been recognised with two consecutive annual awards from the Logistics Carbon Reduction Scheme; in 2013 – ‘Carbon Reduction through Fuel Efficiency’ and 2014 – ‘Most Innovative Fleet Management’. This is a remarkable achievement, but there’s more to be done and the relationship with Isotrak Group gives us the opportunity to significantly enhance our Driver Coaching capabilities and increase our effectiveness."

Terry Skelton Turners of Soham