About Us

Isotrak have a mission. Equip fleets of any size with what they need to be safer, smarter, and highly efficient. We believe our Connected Fleet Management platform will help our customers to achieve it.

Based across three continents, our global team of over 100 staff are revolutionizing the telematics industry. Delivering supreme customer service, a straightforward product offering, and the latest technology innovations.

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Our Story

Where it Began

Since beginning as a small telematics start-up in 1999, Isotrak has grown to work with some of the largest commercial fleets in the UK, and around the world. Our solutions have found a place across many industries, including retail, haulage, construction, and field service. Our diverse solution transforms operations for both smaller fleets with complex needs, and companies with thousands of vehicles and trailers.

How We‘ve Advanced

To deliver our customers beyond everyday service levels we aim to be extraordinary. Including producing the most innovative products, with industry-leading technology, and ensure our customers are happy at every stage. Our NPS scores are the highest in our sector, which we believe reflects our dedication to delivering outstanding service, investing in our teams, platform, and products, developing as a company even further.

Where We’re Going

We have a simple goal – be the first choice for fleet and telematics solutions across the world. We now operate in three continents and with our fleet management platform, aim to transform fleet operations within new markets and industries.

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To minimize down time and get the platform working for you, our dedicated project management team will work to implement your new Isotrak solution as quickly as possible.


To make sure you get the most out of your solution and use it to its full potential, your dedicated account manager will work with you to deliver several training sessions. Offering their expertise and experience through the early stages of implementation and beyond.

Driver Training

Individual driver retraining and goal driven improvement plans from our driver trainers and telematics consultants will ensure your team are confident and engaged with your new platform.


To ensure you’re consistently getting what you need from your new solution, Isotrak produce monthly ROI reports and quarterly reviews. Your Account Manager is on hand to create achievable company goals and provide support and advice. Identifying and implementing improvements so you reach your targets.

Customer Support

We understand the implications of fleet downtime, so Isotrak offer a 365 days a year customer support service, market-leading system up-time levels, and comprehensive SLAs.


Isotrak’s bespoke user interface makes the integration of your routing and scheduling software seamless. The result? An all-encompassing, easy to use fleet management solution that will optimize your fleet efficiency.