Any Size Fleet. Any Type of Vehicle.

Keep track of your most valuable assets with Isotrak’s robust and reliable asset tracking solutions. Be it a fleet of trailers or a fleet of plant machinery, being able to track your assets in real-time enables you to maximise utilisation, protect against theft and remain compliant.

Trailer Tracking

See an instant return on investment with Isotrak’s cost-effective trailer tracking solution. From increased fleet utilisation to improved customer service and easier maintenance scheduling, your trailer fleet will be optimised at every angle.

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Machinery/Plant Tracking

A simple and reliable tracking solution to help monitor resource allocation and protect against theft. Robust and weatherproof to withstand even the toughest of environments and a battery life of up to 7 years for complete peace of mind.

Monitor resource allocation

A simple solution to track where your assets are and who they were last allocated to.

Protect against theft

Live GPS location tracking and movement alerts to give you complete peace of mind.

Maximise asset utilisation

Live asset location tracking allows you to ensure resources are being utilised to maximum capacity.

Effectively identify idle assets

Monitor asset utilisation and identify resources sat idle with our resource utilisation reports.

Provide evidence of equipment usage

Access historic location data for up to one year.

Proactive maintenance scheduling

Keep your trailers on the go and minimise downtime by scheduling services in advance.

Experience Round the Clock Protection

Protect against theft and misuse with Isotrak’s inbuilt security alerting feature. Receive an instant notification if your trailer or equipment is moved out of hours or outside of a set geofenced area. Need added security measures for high value loads? Our integrated trailer door opening sensors can be configured to only alert if the doors are opened outside of your pre-determined ‘safe zones’.

Take your customer service to the next level

With live location tracking, you can provide a proactive, not reactive, customer experience. ETA or geofence alerts can be configured especially for you and your customer, meaning you can both receive accurate arrival times for deliveries or collections, resulting in happy customers and quicker turnaround times for your trailers. Win win!

Monitor resource utilisation

Get the most out of your fleet with both live and historic activity reporting. See which of your assets are sat idle and where resources may need to be relocated to ensure maximised fleet utilisation.

Maintenance Scheduling

Keep your trailers on the go and minimise downtime by scheduling services in advance. With instant alerts for upcoming service requirements, you can organise your fleet and avoid any nasty surprises.

Temperature Monitoring

Does your fleet contain refrigerated trailers? Isotrak’s trailer tracking integrates fully with our temperature monitoring solution, providing you with a comprehensive audit trail of accurate temperature data and proof of delivery. Receive instant alerts of any temperature threshold breaches so you can take action immediately and avoid costly lost loads.

Wired Option Features

An industry leading asset tracking device with an on-board rechargeable battery built for extended use and excellent field reliability.

  • Wired to trailer side lights or other source of power
  • Option for data inputs such as temperature and door sensors
  • 6 months battery life *on one plot a day
  • Suitable for 12v & 24v vehicle systems
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Wireless Option Features

A compact and robust, battery operated asset tracker made for simple installation and rapid deployment across any industry.

  • Can be placed anywhere
  • 7 years battery life *on one plot a day
  • 50 channel GPS
  • 3.6v internal battery pack
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