Plan. Do. Review.

Be it a vehicle, delivery, or driver, you’ll know about it with the Isotrak Job Management portal. Simply assign jobs and receive live status updates so you can organize, track, and review. Isotrak’s industry leading Job Management software allows for simple integration with third-party systems, so you can monitor your planned routes from one sleek interface.

Powerful Real-Time Insight

Boost your fleet operations with live updates on delivery performance. ETA alerts allow you to intervene and solve potential problems, keeping your fleet one step ahead. Strengthen customer communication, rectify late deliveries, and progress turnaround times with the live Arrivals Forecasting dashboard.

Flexible By Design

Have a Job Management system as dynamic as your fleet operations. The Isotrak Job Management platform caters to the needs of real fleet organizations, designed to be flexible and configurable. Adjust timings, change delivery order, or add stops to your driver’s route at any time.

Monitor Plan Vs. Actual

Isotrak’s user configurable dashboards and KPIs alert you of live route or plan deviations, time departures, arrivals, and ETAs.

Schedule Adherence





On Time

Average Turnaround

Average Turnaround 21 minutes against a target of 45 minutes from 308 visits

Optimize Planning

Organize and schedule your resource easily with the planning portal when you import routes from the Isotrak route optimization software.

Boost Job Performance

Pin-point areas for improvement within your fleet from the KPI dashboard and create bespoke operational goals.

monitor plan vs. actual

Find potential problems before they arise and track job performance with Isotrak’s live plan vs. actual module.

Provide Proactive Customer Service

Develop customer relations with communications of arrival and geofence alerts.

Driver Feedback

Support your drivers’ professional development with Isotrak’s Job Performance scoring system, highlighting areas for improvement. The point system works from punctuality of departure and arrival times, following the planned route, and time spent on site. The Route Analysis module can also be used during debriefs to discuss where and why your drivers have deviated.

"Providing our stores and operations centres visibility into when deliveries are expected helps us to ensure product availability for our customers."

Scott PonsfordDirector of Transportation Walmart Canada