Plan. Do. Review.

The industry’s leading Job Management software. Plan, track and analyse in real-time from one modern interface. Seamless integration with your third party planning system means you can view your pre-planned routes direct from the Isotrak Job Management portal. From here, simply click to assign each job a ‘tracked resource’, be that a driver, vehicle or trailer, and benefit from real-time job status updates.

The power of real-time insight

Take your fleet operations to the next level with the power of live delivery performance. Real-time ETA updates gives you the insight to identify potential issues before they happen and make smart decisions on the go. Correct late deliveries, improve turnaround times and enhance customer communication with our live Arrivals Forecasting board.

Dynamic in nature

Your fleet operations are dynamic in nature, so why shouldn’t your Job Management software be? Designed with configurability in mind, the Isotrak Job Management platform was built to work for real-life fleet operations. Make amendments to timings, add in a new stop, or switch up the delivery order before and even after your drivers have begun their route.

Monitor plan vs. actual

Isotrak’s user configurable dashboards, KPIs and alerts instantly highlight any deviations to the plan based on real-time departure, arrival or ETA updates, allowing you to take action where necessary.

Schedule Adherence





On Time

Average Turnaround

Average Turnaround 21 minutes against a target of 45 minutes from 308 visits

Optimise Planning

Import your routes direct from your route optimisation software and assign resources and schedule with ease via our planning portal.

Improve job performance

Our bespoke KPI dashboards let you quickly identify where efficiency improvements can be made.

Monitor plan vs. actual

Identify any issues before they become a problem with our live plan vs. actual module and track job performance in real-time.

Deliver proactive customer service

Proactively notify your customers of incoming arrivals with live ETA and geofence alerts.

Driver Debrief

Help your drivers understand where improvements in their delivery performance can be made with our simple Job Performance scoring system. Points are awarded based on adherence to planned departure and arrival times, time on site and conformance to the planned route. Use our Route Analysis module during regular debriefs to show exactly where and why your drivers went off plan.

"Providing our stores and operations centres visibility into when deliveries are expected helps us to ensure product availability for our customers."

Scott PonsfordDirector of Transportation Walmart Canada