Boost Fleet Performance

Drive a safer and more efficient fleet with Isotrak’s intuitive Driver Behaviour Monitoring solution. Using the latest in telematics technology, our all-in-one unit provides real-time GPS tracking and CANbus data for a detailed insight into your fleet’s performance.


Tynan Segun

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Driving Performance Insight

Giving you the tools to see exactly where improvements can be made with our comprehensive Reporting Module. Uncover inefficient and dangerous driving styles with the ability to report on over 40 driving behaviour parameters direct from the vehicle.

See your fleet from a different perspective

Access top level reporting of your fleet’s overall performance with Isotrak’s interactive Dashboard Module. Create a bespoke set of widgets tailored to your specific performance targets for a completely customised view. And with its interactive capabilities, you can drill down to the finer details for a deeper look into where improvements can be made.

Smart software that works for you

Focus on the data that’s important to you with our innovative scheduling software and receive only the necessary information you need to make the smart business decisions for your fleet, direct to your inbox.

Configurable targets

When it comes to reporting, why go for a ‘one size fits all’ approach? Fleets come in all shapes and sizes, meaning you need a bespoke system to work to your exact needs. Customise your own bespoke reporting thresholds with Isotrak’s fully configurable reporting software and realise a greater return on your investment.

Debriefing made simple

Incentivise your drivers to make improvements at any level with the Isotrak League Table. With our simple to understand 0-100% efficiency scoring system  you can ensure a level playing field across your entire fleet. Offer targeted retraining for those drivers who consistently perform poorly and even encourage improvement within your top ranking drivers with moving targets, incentive schemes and regular feedback.

Increase fuel savings

Improve driving efficiency across your fleet and achieve maximum fuel savings.

Improve driver safety

Re-train your drivers with personalised feedback for reduced risk and a safer fleet.

Reduce CO2 emissions

Cut unnecessary fuel wastage and realise a leaner, greener fleet.

Identify dangerous driving

Prevalence of events such as harsh acceleration, braking, cornering and speeding all indicate unsafe habits. With direct correlation found between high accident rates and these driving styles, spot high risk behaviours within your fleet and address these issues before an incident occurs.

Take your driver training programme to the next level

Want to ensure you get the most out of your fleet? Our in-house telematics consultants and driver trainers will work alongside you and your team to ensure complete engagement of your new telematics system. With classroom based coaching sessions, one-on-one driver retraining and target-driven improvement strategies, we can provide the added service you need to ensure a maximum ROI.

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Lead by example

With fully integrated telematics and camera technology, you can lead by example when it comes to retraining your drivers. With access to view and download your HD quality footage for up to six weeks, you can provide personalised driver training using their own examples of unsafe or inefficient driving habits.

"Using Isotrak’s system to track and monitor driving behaviour patterns has allowed us to proactively improve performance through initiatives such as a driver-training programme. The result has been a dramatic decrease in our fuel bills thanks to more efficient driving habits, and from a safety aspect a reduction in the number of driver situations and accidents."

Rob WilkinsonRegional Logistics Manager for CEMEX