Accelerate Fleet Performance

Isotrak’s intuitive Driver Behavior Monitoring solution makes for a safer and more efficient fleet. With leading telematics technology, Isotrak’s complete units gives insightful live GPS tracking and CANbus data on the performance of your fleet.


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Driving Performance Insight

Our Reporting Module equips you with insightful information on your fleet. Make impactful improvements, halting dangerous and inefficient driving. You can report on more than 40 driving behavior parameters straight from your vehicles.

Get a New Perspective of your Fleet

Isotrak’s interactive Dashboard Module gives you a top-level report of your fleet’s overall performance. Tailor and fully customize your dashboard and widgets to represent your performance targets. The interactive capabilities of the dashboard mean you can dig into the finer details and highlight areas for improvement.

Smart Software Working for you

Our innovative scheduling software ensures you receive only the most important information in your inbox, magnifying the data that will inform and guide your next business decision.

Configurable targets

Isotrak’s fully configurable reporting software allows you to custom create your reporting thresholds, working for you whatever your fleet type or size. The platform works for your bespoke needs, helping you achieve your targets and see a quicker, greater return on investment.

Simplify Debriefs

The Isotrak League Table solution is the perfect management tool to encourage and strengthen your driver’s performance. Create incentive schemes for drivers at any level of the league and give accurate feedback. Advance your top drivers with moving targets and implement retraining for poor performers. Our easy to understand 0-100% efficiency scoring ensures a level playing field for drivers out on the roads.

Increase Fuel Savings

Improve driving efficiency across your fleet and achieve maximum fuel savings.

Elevate Driver Safety

Reduce risk to your drivers, other road users, and increase overall fleet safety with tailored re-training and feedback.

Reduce CO2 Emissions

As well as cost saving, manage your fleet’s environmental impact and be greener by reducing your fuel wastage.

Identify dangerous driving

Find, and prevent dangerous driving styles within your fleet. Cornering, speeding, harsh acceleration and braking are driving tendencies linked to unsafe driving and high accident rates. Address and reduce these driving tendencies before an accident occurs.

Boost your Driver Training Program

Get your fleet on-side with the support of our dedicated in-house driver trainers and telematics consultants. We will work with your drivers in classroom style training sessions with one-to-one driver retraining. Creating improvement strategies and achievable targets. Delivering that extra element of customer service that will help you achieve your optimum ROI.

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Lead the Way

Isotrak’s fully integrated telematics technology lets you lead the way with retraining and improving the standard within your fleet. View and download HD quality footage for up to six weeks, providing bespoke driver training with real life examples of dangerous and inefficient driving behavior.

"Using Isotrak’s system to track and monitor driving behaviour patterns has allowed us to proactively improve performance through initiatives such as a driver-training programme. The result has been a dramatic decrease in our fuel bills thanks to more efficient driving habits, and from a safety aspect a reduction in the number of driver situations and accidents."

Rob WilkinsonRegional Logistics Manager for CEMEX