Live Temperature Tracking

Isotrak’s wired temperature monitoring solutions ensure you can remotely track the temperature of your frozen, refrigerated, or ambient deliveries. Improve customer service with threshold alerts and live temperature updates for detailed status updates. Give your customers peace of mind their temperature sensitive goods are delivered in-tact and in good condition.


Ideal for all Fleet Types

Isotrak’s bespoke temperature-controlled solution is compatible with single or multi-compartmental fleet. Have up to 20 wired or wireless temperature probes per vehicle, with remote configuration to their own specific environment and temperature settings.

Threshold Alerts

Threshold alerts let you know immediately of any potential problems with your temperature sensitive vehicles and deliveries. Be alerted via SMS or email if your probes fall outside of your pre-calibrated temperature thresholds, giving you time to intervene. Isotrak’s in-cab Driver Connect application ensures your drivers are informed too.

Direct Door Opening Alerts

Protect your goods from theft and maintain their temperature conditions with real-time alerts of every door opening and closing event. The vehicle agnostic automatically records any events. These are then displayed on temperature log graphs, indicating sudden increases or decreases in temperature.


Prevent the compromise of your temperature-controlled goods and immediately spot problems with live threshold alerting.


Follow industry legislation with complete audit trails and recorded temperature data for every journey.


Isotrak’s easy to use reporting suite allows you to create and send proof of delivery reports.


Live temperature updates ensure you always deliver your temperature sensitive goods in top condition.

Proof of Delivery

Send and receive proof of delivery reports from the reporting suite. Ensure compliance with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), prevent rejected deliveries, and uphold a line of strong communication with your customers.