Stay Compliant at Every Step

The most flexible ELD solution on the market. Simplify compliance with Isotrak’s driver-friendly application.

Prevent HOS Violations

Protect your drivers CSA scores against Hours of Service infringements with real-time alerting of any impending driving time violations. Set custom threshold alerts via SMS/email.

FMCSA Certified

Stay compliant with FMCSA ELD regulations with Isotrak’s fully certified ELD solution for any vehicle type.

Real-time Alerts

Prevent HOS violations with the ability to set custom SMS/email alerts for impending driving time violations.

Driver-Friendly App

With Isotrak’s user-friendly application, your drivers can easily set, review and certify their duty status and hours of service logs.

Keep Compliance Simple

With Isotrak’s all-in-one ELD solution you can easily keep track of your driver’s Hours of Service. Our user-friendly app makes completing accurate e-logs quick and straightforward. Drivers simply input their duty status, and with a direct bluetooth connection to the onboard ELD telematics device, their driving status will update automatically too, even in the most remote locations.

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Breeze Through DOT Inspections

Give your drivers complete peace of mind when it comes to DoT inspections with automatic auditing of their HOS logs. In-built device connectivity enables your drivers to send their HOS logs direct to DOT compliance officers via e-mail.

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Telematics Integration

Maximise fleet productivity with live and historic driver HOS data available through Isotrak’s web-based telematics platform. Gain real-time visibility of all your driver’s remaining hours and identify which drivers have the capacity to complete more jobs. Does your fleet operate between the USA and Canada? Our ELD app automatically switches between rulesets dependant on your driver’s location to avoid accidental HOS violations.

Flexible DVIR

Improve your fleets safety with the most flexible electronic DVIR solution on the market. Create a workflow that works for you, design vehicle check forms that reflects the vehicle or equipment being used. User-configurable and simple to use, all vehicle checks are time-stamped with both driver signature and image capture for a comprehensive solution. Keep your vehicles on the road with instant access to all reports through the Isotrak reporting platform.


  • Reduce admin paperwork
  • Shorten maintenance turnaround times
  • Meet FMCSA requirements and store data securely