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Discover the latest in vehicle camera technology with Isotrak’s integrated telematics and vehicle CCTV solution. Designed to provide accurate video evidence and detailed driver behaviour data before, during and after every incident.

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Guarantee 360° protection

Ensure every angle is covered with the industry’s most tried and trusted vehicle camera solution. Guarantee 360° vehicle protection with our range of multi-camera and audible warning systems.


Forward-Facing Cameras

Our wide-angled HD cameras provide evidence of other people’s driving and can help combat fraud. With night-vision, they give you peace-of-mind and clear images of the road ahead.

Dash Cameras

Offering full HD 1080p video quality and 4G data connectivity for instant remote video upload, the VL2000 is the industry’s leading commercial dash cam.

Rear-View Cameras

We offer an extensive range of reversing and rear view cameras. Constantly recording, they also double up as reversing cameras and are perfect for monitoring blind spots.

Side-View Cameras

Fitted together with front- and rear-facing cameras, side-view cameras give all-round protection, and can help your drivers see through otherwise blind spots.

In-Vehicle Monitors

Our HD touchscreens give your drivers an overview of the camera feeds, allowing them to view a scene from a particular camera, for example when reversing, or changing lane.

Mobile DVRs

Specially designed for commercial vehicles, these powerful and ruggedised anti-vibration digital video recorders are at the heart of a vehicle CCTV system, managing and recording footage from all cameras.

Automatic Incident Alerting

Configure automatic incident alerts upon triggered G-force events detected by the camera.

HD Quality

Providing crystal clear images when you need every bit of detail.

Live streaming

Stream footage and vehicle GPS location in real-time via the on-board 3G sim card.

360° Coverage

Connect up to 12 cameras for full vehicle coverage both inside and out.

Health Checks

With regular health checks and SD-card removal alerting you can ensure you never miss a thing.

Latest Technology

Combined tracking and camera technology. By far the best set-up and scenario for your fleet business.

Stay Connected

Monitor and protect your fleet from any device, anywhere in the world, direct from our online telematics platform. All captured incidents are uploaded to our Incident Replay module within seconds of the event occurring via an onboard 4G sim card. And with up to 6 weeks storage, you have unlimited access to view, analyse and download your camera footage as many times as you want.

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Driver Behaviour Training

With both integrated telematics and G-force data, you can quickly target unsafe and inefficient driving behaviour. Use our innovative Incident Replay module to provide bespoke driver behaviour training for a safer and more efficient fleet.

Detailed Incident Analysis

Get the full picture of every event with detailed impact and driving behaviour data from both the camera and on-board telematics unit. Accelerometer events are displayed in the incident replay module alongside the vehicle’s GPS speed, location, timestamp and G-force movements.

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Isotrak offers an extensive range of vehicle CCTV options from single forward facing dash cams to multi-camera MDVR systems, allowing you to build the perfect package to suit your exact fleet requirements.

"Since implementing the Isotrak multi-camera solution we’ve been able to provide evidence to support our drivers more effectively against both claims and complaints. The camera footage has helped exonerate drivers involved in a number of incidents, whereby previously we would have had to accept a 50/50 pay out or incurred a total loss."

Stuart SimsTMS Project Manager