4G Forward Facing

Bring together GPS tracking and camera technology

Now is the Time to Connect

An industry leading commercial dash cam, the VL2000 offers full HD 1080p video quality and 4G data connectivity for instantaneous video uploads. Have instant access to footage to analyze the events before, during, and after any incident from Isotrak’s fully integrated telematics interface. With remote access you can see footage, driver behavior, and impact force minuets after an event has occurred.

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Full 1080p HD 4G camera

Assess incidents from your video feedback in full HD quality.

Before & After Video

Gather every frame of evidence you need in HD images, showing exactly what happened before, during and after.

Instant Upload

Upload your court admissible evidence instantly from camera to cloud.

Self-checking notifications

Automatic health check notifications keep operators informed about problems.

Complete Integration

Fully integrate with Google Maps, Google Earth and Google Street View.

Full Visibility

Super-wide (pillar-to-pillar) viewing angle with amazing picture quality.

Additional Benefits

  • Review and download footage from the Isotrak platform
  • Protect your drivers from false driving allegations
  • Improve driver safety & lowered accident rates.
  • Incident alerting in real-time
  • Reduce insurance premiums
  • Reduce fleet operating costs
  • Instant video upload
  • Realize driver needs and training
  • Provide First Notification of Loss

Looking for More?

Isotrak’s multi-camera MDVR system gives you nearly 14 weeks of footage storage, and an inbuilt 3G/4G sim card. Durable and reliable with real-time remote camera interrogation and advanced anti-vibration technology makes this a solution compatible with any fleet type.


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