360° MDVR Multi Camera Live System

Capture every angle

Engage With Total Visibility

The Isotrak MDVR system supports up to 24 channels (16 WD1 plus 8 IP channels in 720p), offering complete visibility both in and outside the vehicle. With it’s anti-vibration technology, high-speed processor and two hard disk storage units (2TB max each), this is a powerful and robust solution suitable for any fleet requirement. View footage direct from the cameras in real-time via an on-board 4G sim card, enabling the system to act as a live CCTV solution.

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Internal WIFI 802.11N supported

Built-in 3G/4G for live view and remote monitoring.

Always Compatible

Modular system to suit any vehicle type.

Large Video Storage

Two hard disk storage units (2TB max each)

GPS location tracking

Full Google Maps, Google Earth and Google Street View integration.

Streamable Video

Instant access to live streamed video direct from your vehicles.

Motion Stabilisation

Revolutionary anti-vibration technology for 360° installation.

Additional Benefits

  • Protect your drivers against false driving allegations.
  • Reduce your insurance premiums.
  • Real-time incident alerting.
  • Instantaneous video upload.
  • Stream camera footage in real-time.
  • Provide First Notification of Loss.
  • Lower accident rates.
  • Improve driver safety.
  • Highlight driver training needs.
  • Reduce fleet operating costs.

Not What You’re Looking For?

Perhaps our award-winning, integrated forward facing camera is more suited? Offering full HD 1080p video quality and 3G data connectivity for instant remote video upload, the VL2000 is the industry’s leading commercial dash cam.

4G Forward Facing

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