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Tony English, CEO of Isotrak, has commented on the announcement that the company plans to bring out an all-electric semi truck in September, looking at the advantages and disadvantages that this will have on the fleet industry.

“Tesla’s recent announcement that the company plans to introduce its all-electric semi truck later in September aligns with the company’s mission to move vehicle technology away from fossil fuels towards clean technology across all modes of transport. The latest announcement will most certainly disrupt the current fleet market, and it’s important to consider the impact that electric vehicle technology will have on the fleet industry.

I can foresee a measure of advantage to using electric vehicles in populated areas. Generally, traditional engines perform best when running across long distances rather than stop-starting and idling in traffic. Therefore, in more congested areas electric vehicles may perform better as there is a reduction in noise and air pollution and a greater availability of charging stations.

The main challenges for electric lorries will be their capacity for the long-distance travel. The capacity of the battery and availability of suitable charging stations will determine their success over long distances. This might be less of an issue in populated areas, where there are more charging points available but in more remote locations this will prove difficult with current infrastructure.”

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