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Building materials supplier CEMEX UK has achieved a 10% reduction in ‘blame-worthy’ accidents over three years and a six per cent improvement in fuel efficiency in the past year alone since partnering with Northampton-based telematics specialists, Isotrak. CEMEX, which supplies cement, aggregates, asphalt, flooring, concrete block and railway sleepers in the UK,  has partnered with Isotrak to monitor and report on driving performance criteria to improve safety, compliance and efficiency of the vehicles responsible for supplying the asphalt and aggregate products.


CEMEX UK originally used a combination of various telematics systems to manage its fleet of aggregate tipper vehicles. However, the system as a whole was overly complicated and fell short of the required reporting parameters. Isotrak was contracted to implement a vehicle tracking system for its fleet of 213 vehicles, and their CANbus solution, a system used to monitor driver behaviour, a key focus area for CEMEX. CEMEX briefed Isotrak to focus on monitoring and providing weekly data reports on the four key parameters affecting driving behaviour; engine idling, harsh acceleration, high revving and over torque figures. In monitoring these driver behaviour areas, CEMEX wanted to be able to identify repetitive behaviour patterns in order to address and work towards improving them.

Using Isotrak’s system to track and monitor driving behaviour patterns has allowed us to proactively improve performance through initiatives such as a driver-training programme. The result has been a dramatic decrease in our fuel bills thanks to more efficient driving habits, and from a safety aspect a reduction in the number of driver situations and accidents.

Rob WilkinsonRegional Logistics Manager for CEMEX

Wilkinson said: “The flexible, solution-driven and customer-focused approach offered by Isotrak has made them a valuable partner. The results that CEMEX had been able to achieve through working with them are substantial and we’re certainly keen to consider adopting new telematics initiatives, such as those offered by Verilocation, part of the Isotrak group.”


Jim Sumner, chairman of the Isotrak Group concluded: “CEMEX UK is an excellent example of a company leveraging telematics in the construction industry to elevate safety and compliance and look after its bottom line. It’s an exciting time for the sector and we’re thrilled to be on board with CEMEX in helping the company to achieve its goals.”

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