Telematics & Tracking

We have so much visibility, now it is almost like we are in the truck with the drivers.

Access Anytime, Anywhere, from Any Device

You can’t optimize your fleet if you don’t know the current status, speed & location of your vehicles at any given time. Isotrak’s intelligent telematics and tracking software keeps you and your drivers on track, providing real-time data, so you can manage customer expectations around ETAs, schedule adherence and arrivals and departures.

Real-time Intelligence

Full visibility into the progress of drivers and vehicles throughout the entire trip gives you the intelligence needed to run an efficient fleet. Get minute-to-minute updates as if you are riding in the cab with your drivers. GPS satellite data feeds interactive maps, giving you both a microscope (zoom in) and a telescope (zoom out) view of what is happening within your fleet, so you can see what matters to you.

  • GPS satellite and map views
  • Visibility into real-time progress
  • Mobile device compatible
  • Automated alerting and reporting

GPS Location Monitoring & Route Analysis

Telematics and GPS technology help you pinpoint the location of every driver and vehicle in transit, providing spot-on navigation to get your fleet where it needs to go, fast. Satellite and map views coupled with alerts and notifications, let you know the vehicles’ next stop and their ETA based on current progress and plan.

  • Location monitoring using GPS satellite data
  • Real time historical route analysis and reporting
  • View individual vehicles, geographies or entire fleet
  • Integrates into route planning and dispatch systems

Polygon Geofences Zones

Don’t waste your customers’ time waiting on vehicles that aren’t even close. And don’t waste your driver’s time with excessive idling in dock congestion. Geofencing provides the ability to keep managers and customers in the know by alerting when assets are approaching their destination or a restricted area. Keep your fleet predictable and dependable and you will keep your customers happy.

  • Save time and fuel
  • Reduce dock congestion
  • Increase turnaround times
  • Set realistic customer expectations

Trailer Optimization & Utilization

Perishable goods need extra care to make sure they arrive fast and fresh. Temperature monitoring, refrigeration probe sensing and rear door activity sensors provide minute-to-minute updates and audit trails. Pre-defined and configurable thresholds help you customize your monitoring activities and alerts to maintain quality goods.

  • Temperature monitoring
  • Refrigeration probe sensing
  • Rear door activity sensors