Compliance & Safety

Compliance. It doesn’t have to be that hard.

DOT Compliance Made Easy

Not meeting compliance regulations can result in lack of safety, higher risk of accidents, and fines which can be very costly and detrimental to your business operations. Isotrak integrates compliance and safety into everything we do, making fleet safety your first priority.

Electronic Logging Devices (ELD)

Current regulations require the use of electronic logging devices to track Hours of Service (HOS) and vehicle performance. Meet DOT compliance and manage audit risk through automated, convenient and accurate paperless log management. The ability to view, sort and print compliance documentation reduces audit risk and manual errors.

Hours of Service (HOS)

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) HOS regulations make sure that drivers and other passengers on the road are safe. Stay compliant and avoid HOS violations with automated driver logs that track driver activities in real-time and alert you if you are reaching designated limits. Electronic HOS eliminates loads of paperwork, reduces manual errors and ensures more accurate DOT reporting.

Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR)

Maintaining vehicle health and addressing maintenance problems before they become issues can reduce costs, unnecessary violations, and increase productivity. Drivers now have a convenient, easy way to submit pre- and post- trip vehicle inspection reports from mobile devices, giving you accurate information you need to prioritize maintenance repairs to keep your fleet up and running.

Automated Fuel Tax (IFTA)

Fuel tax compliance is complicated, time-consuming and prone to errors. Your fleet covers a lot of ground, constantly crossing state lines and you need the ability to calculate fuel tax with accuracy. Automated mileage reports detailing fuel consumption per state saves time every quarter and makes your IFTA filing easier.