3iS FleetVision

The Next Generation of Fleet Visibility

Total Visibility. Total Control. One Dashboard.

3iS FleetVision from Isotrak combines delivery data from outsourced logistics providers and your own private fleet through a single dashboard using our ATMSi platform. Your transport and customer service teams can be proactive about informing customers of delivery schedules they NOW have access to. This delivers maximum efficiency for you and minimum surprises for your customers.

Fleet Management Made Simple

3iS FleetVision simplifies management of complex shipping operations with a single view into fragmented delivery schedules that is accurate and predictable. Access real-time data and centralized reporting through a unified platform to capture and view outsourced fleet data as easily as you monitor your own fleet.

3iS FleetVision makes total visibility simple for you AND simple for your outsourced partner.

We provide a single solution so you can treat your private and 3PL fleets as if they were one. You have the flexibility to report and measure fleets together or individually and because our solution is secure, the 3PLs only send vehicle data that is relevant to your delivery contract. Our ETA Board is organized like that of an Arrival and Departure board at the airport, so you know exactly when deliveries are coming, going, or stuck in transit so your team can react appropriately and inform customers in advance.

The Power of One

ONE platform. ONE interface. ONE real-time centralized view into ALL vehicles whether private, 3PL or blended. Isotrak simplifies the way you manage very complex fleet operations with a lot of moving parts, while giving you real-time insight into operational and fleet performance throughout the entire journey.

Bringing it all Together

A fleet can’t run at maximum efficiency if it’s blind to other major components in the supply chain. 3iS FleetVision seamlessly integrates with other systems, while allowing third parties to maintain complete security and privacy for their other customers.

Keep a Competitive Edge

You need to be efficient, consistent & predictable to stay competitive in the market. 3iS FleetVision helps you gain that competitive edge with a holistic view into the delivery performance of your private, blended or 3PL fleet so you know what is happening in all fleets working for you.

Job Management

Job Management boards makes it easy to view all jobs regardless of who is carrying it out. Data includes Job Numbers, Owning Location, Carrier Codes, and Arrival/Departures.

ETA Screen

Give delivery points real-time ETAs on 3PL deliveries along with your own fleet through one dashboard.

3iS FleetVision Benefits


  • Manage multiple interfaces with one dashboard
  • Integrate with back-office systems seamlessly
  • Save time & money with improved processes and no visibility gaps


  • Monitor both inbound & outbound shipments
  • Streamline your supply chain with proactive response to delivery issues
  • Maintain privacy & security for individual customers


  • Initiate real-time ETAs and actual arrival & departure times
  • Improve relationships with optimized deliveries
  • Measure & compare individual carrier performance