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Delivery Performance Accelerated

Many companies lack full visibility into all aspects of fleet performance and don’t have the ability to make real-time adjustments to avoid costly errors. We make managing delivery performance easy. Our powerful platform, sophisticated analysis and comprehensive reports take the effort out of measuring the performance of your transport operations against your plan.

Proactive Performance Management

You need to Act – Not React. Understanding the root cause of performance issues is the first step to becoming a more proactive organization. Isotrak’s real-time visibility, centralized fleet management and automated, exception-based alerting and reporting brings clarity to your fleet operations so you can proactively manage performance issues.

Improve resource allocation

Immediate insight into driver and vehicle performance gives you intelligence to quickly find and deploy unallocated drivers and vehicles, effectively map available resources to jobs on the fly and manage ETAs, turnaround times and on-time deliveries. Resource allocation and load planning just got a whole lot easier.

Real-time alerts and notifications

Access real-time intelligence and historical data to benchmark, identify trends and set thresholds for alerts and notifications before, during and after a haul. Automated exception-based alerting and reporting gives you full transparency into all aspects of fleet delivery performance in context of the route plan. Now you can set realistic expectations, keeping your customers informed in real-time.

Quick Response to minimize disruption

When your fleet gets off track, it’s your job to make sure the disruption doesn’t impact the plan. To keep your fleet rolling, you need to quickly understand the issue and triangulate immediately to determine what other jobs, resources or customers may be affected. Proactive performance management and real-time alerts and notifications during transit keep your fleet performing on or ahead of schedule.