Safety First

Be Safe. Be Productive. Be Compliant.

Companies must comply with DOT regulations, safety audit procedures, corporate mandates and environmental requirements. These ever-changing regulations can be difficult to manage day-to-day, across state lines, for your entire fleet. Our solution is purpose-built to provide an automated, integrated way to easily maintain compliance, keep drivers safe, improve productivity and increase CSA scores.

Keep Drivers Safe

Driving performance dashboards, debrief reports and customizable driving style comparison reports are only a few of the many tools Isotrak provides to shed light on potential compliance and audit issues. Full transparency helps you focus on safety, accurate HOS and DVIR reporting and maintaining DOT compliance.

Increase Productivity

The elimination of manual logging and excess paperwork helps keep your drivers safe and focused on the road. Mobile technology, enhanced driver communications, and electronic logging devices (ELD) encourage collaboration and improved communications. Isotrak’s compliance and safety solution brings you more accuracy, automation and increases productivity of your fleet and drivers.

Improve CSA Scores

You, like FMCSA, are committed to safety and compliance. You aim to be CSA-compliant and keep your scores high. Prioritize safety and reduce violations and fines by monitoring and alerting on poor driver behavior, hours of service, and vehicle maintenance to ensure safe driving practices and clean roadside inspections.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Managing wear and tear on your vehicles and keeping a proactive maintenance schedule on track helps you keep your vehicles in shape so they can make more smooth, on-time deliveries. By monitoring vehicle utilization and driver behavior over time, you can reduce maintenance costs.